Honourable Hemophilia Community;

Dear colleagues who are interested in haemophilia beyond the disease dimension, esteemed haemophilia families who live haemophilia in their families and bodies, respected members of our non-governmental organisations who wholeheartedly support haemophilia, distinguished representatives of the health authority, which is improving day by day with the support of our state in the treatment of haemophilia, valuable representatives of the haemophilia industry, in other words, we invite all our stakeholders who are with us on haemophilia to the 20th Turkey Haemophilia Congress.

Dear friends of haemophilia; the meetings, social and scientific activities on haemophilia held in our country in recent years have made a name for themselves in the world's leading scientific platforms and are closely followed. Undoubtedly, Turkey Haemophilia Congress is at the forefront of these.

This time again, hosted by the Hemophilia Association of Turkey and the Hemophilia Federation, with the participation of medical professionals, academicians, people with hereditary bleeding disorders and their relatives, health authorities and non-governmental organisations; we will hold the 20th International Hemophilia Congress of Turkey in Istanbul on 1-3 October 2023.

In the meetings that will bring together those who work on haemophilia and other bleeding-coagulation disorders and those who will benefit from these studies; in addition to current treatment approaches, treatment methods to be applied in the future will be discussed, social and legal problems of haemophilia patients will be discussed, and the applications to be made in actively organised sessions will leave permanent traces on the participants.

As always, we will be honoured to be together with you, our esteemed stakeholders, in this congress, where your participation will add strength to us and the entire Hemophilia community.

Greetings and Wishes for Health,

The Hemophilia Society of Türkiye
Federation of Hemophilia Associations